About Us

Kayla and Melinda

We are a mother and daughter who both grew up in a rural area of Northern British Columbia. Being raised with solid values gave us both a true sense of nature and respect for the environment. 


I was raised on farm and was taught at an early age to make use of everything around me and waste nothing. Our family grew large gardens, raised our own meat, picked berries and fruit from the land and preserved the produce each fall in mason jars. Everything was made from scratch. For me Replenish refill is not just a way of life, but how I chose to live it. 



Having two young boys, I want to raise my sons to have integrity, respect and responsibility for the environment. Being a mom is all about choices. Choices like our food, our clothing and the products we use on a daily basis. I want what is best for my family. Replenish is an extension of my home and my lifestyle.