Moustache Wax
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Moustache Wax

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Moustache Wax is the natural way to tame your"stach" and give it a creative and handsome effect! It's formulated to apply with relative ease while maintaining an agreeable amount of hold and stick. 

This is a medium hold training wax that applies smooth and easy. Although it melts down and applies like a paste, it becomes firm in your stache in no time.

The natural ingredients in this wax also moisturize and combats the damage styling can inflict.  Layering will provide additional hold.

  • Screw top lid so no accidental spillage
  • Generous 50 gram pour which will last for months
  • Conditions and strengthens hair
  • Unscented formula

A light application combined with a blow dryer and comb through will leave you with a naturally shaped, product-free appearance.

beeswax*, unrefined coconut oil*, tallow, therapeutic grade essential oils of orange*, basil*, bergamot*, lemongrass*