Shampoo Bar
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Shampoo Bar

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A conditioning, moisturizing bar that nourishes your hair and scalp, Organic coconut milk and an organic herbal infusion combined with organic conditioning oils. This bar is scented with pure Lavender and Spearmint essential oils. All Om Naturale soaps are PALM OIL FREE.
Rub the bar directly onto your hair and use like you would your normal shampoo.  

Organic Coconut, Olive, Castor & Sunflower oil, Organic Herbal Infusion of Omgrown OATSTRAW, LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT, NETTLES, CHAMOMILE, Vancouver Island *HORSETAIL & SOAP WORT, Organic Coconut Milk, Bamboo, Silk Protein, Vitamin B, Sodium Lactate

Essential oils: Lavender & Spearmint